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Старый 09.04.2017, 12:36
Имя: abdul hai
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 30
Адрес: pakistan
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Регистрация: 08.04.2017
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Re: Акция: Сделай MMGP.RU лучше! (приз от 50 поинтов)

Author of the idea:
Name:abdul hai

ideas are (add features):
this popularity of the forum is good looking. it is fast growing up. we like to be a part of this forum. but as it is very important for an organization that the users must understand the language in which the company product is offering its production.
we have no objection if it is in Russian. however there is lot of problem to invite most of our new members to join here and build a team because most of our followers can understand and accept invitations in English only.so it will be a great idea that forum must have at least one more language added which should be English so as every one who is not very much familiar with inter net or computer can simply and easily be a part of this great community.

Possible advantages:
.... forum will get a number of users living world wide

Possible downsides:
... no any

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